Philodendron Florida Ghost ‘Hybrid’


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Philodendron Florida Ghost ‘Hybrid’ is a new type of Philodendron, which has just been released on the market. As it is such a new plant, there isn’t too much knowledge about it yet. It’s said that when the plant matures white or cream stripes will appear on the leaves, or that the plant will produce white leaves.

The plants we are selling are only juvenile plants. The stripes are currently visible on some leaves, but surely not all. Only the future will tell us how the looks of this plant will turn out.
If you’re into rare plants are curious to know how this plant will develop than it is definitely a perfect plant for you!

Pot size: 11 cm Ø
Height: 20 cm

Between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Indirect sunlight.

Water once a week.

Re-pot every 12 months.

Every plant is unique and can therefore differ from the plant shown on the photo.

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