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Hoya Curtisii is a beautiful Hoya to add to your collection. The spades shaped leaves are dark green with a silvery splash pattern. If you enjoy Hoya because of their foliage this would be an excellent choice.

Pot size: 14 cm Ø
Length: 20-25 cm

Between 15 and 35 degrees Celsius.

 (In)direct sunlight.

Water once a week.

Re-pot every 24 months.

Every plant is unique and can therefore differ from the plant shown on the photo.

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Hoya Curtisii is a very decorative plant. If you love Hoya with outstanding foliage Hoya Curtisii could be the one for you. The spades shaped leaves are dark green with a silvery splash pattern. Just like other Hoya the leaves, stems and flowers of the Hoya Curtisii feel a bit waxy. That’s why Hoya in general are also called ‘wax plants’.

Hoya Curtisii can be a bit more fussy to care for than other Hoya, but with some extra attention it will grow beautifully. As the Hoya Curtisii is native to the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand it likes a warm and humid environment. Temperatures of around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius would be ideal. In the winter this might not be possible in our northern hemisphere. Try to keep the plant as warm as possible and never let the temperature drop below 10 degrees Celsius. Minimum temperature should more be around 15 degrees Celsius. Placing your Hoya Curtisii in an east or west facing windowsill would be perfect in the summer as it would get some sunlight but not too much. In winter you could move the plant to a lighter spot, for example in a south facing windowsill. Hoya are very tolerant to lower humidity, but they will thrive in a more humid environment. Try to keep the humidity up at at least 60%. Another important thing to keep in mind is watering you Hoya Curtisii. The soil may dry out a bit between watering. Then water it thoroughly. In summer watering once a week should be sufficient. When it’s getting colder the plant will require less water. Every other week is probably better. If you notice the soil is still moist after two weeks you can better wait a bit longer. Hoya Curtisii does not like to have wet feet and the plant isn’t very tolerant if overwatered. Less is more in this case.
If given the right care and conditions Hoya Curtisii can bloom in late summer or fall. The flowers of the Hoya Curtisii have an unusual shape and color yellow with a pink center.

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