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The Ficus Lyrata Bambino is a retro plant, that’s very populair again nowadays. The plant has big green leaves with a matt gloss. The Ficus Lyrata ‘Bambino’ is a more compact and bushier species than the regular Ficus Lyrata. If you ask us, this makes the plant even more beautiful!

Pot size: 12 cm Ø
Height: 30-35 cm

Between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

(In)direct sunlight.

Water once a week.

Re-pot every 12 months.

Every plant is unique and can therefore differ from the plant shown on the photo.

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Your parents or grandparents probably used to own a Ficus Lyrata. It’s a plant that’s been on the market for ages. It’s rediscovered and very populair again.

As you can tell by the name ‘Bambino’ this particular Ficus Lyrata is a smaller species. Compared with the regal Ficus Lyrata is has some benefits. The main one being the leaves of the Ficus Lyrata ‘Bambino’ grow closer together on the stem, making it a bit more bushy. This makes the look of the plant more attractive. This doesn’t mean however the plant can’t grown as big. It can still become a huge plant.

The Ficus Lyrata isn’t too difficult to take care of, but you do need to give it some attention. Neglect is not appreciated by the plant and this will show.
Normally watering the plant once a week should be sufficient. The top few centimeters of the soil can dry out a little bit between watering. Keeping the plant too dry for too long will take its toll. On the other hand, when overwatering the Ficus Lyrata Bambino gives you even more problems. If you give the plant not enough water, leaves will turn brown quickly and it will loss multiple leaves at the same time (Older leaves usually fall after a while and can also turn brown, however when this happens it’s normally just one leaf at the time). When leaves start turning yellow, you know you’ve overwatered your plant. When you find the right balans for the amount of water you give this plant it can grow fast.
Find a spot where the plant can get enough light, but watch out for too bright direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves. A few hours in direct light is fine, just not during the warmest hours of the day. It’s advisable to rotate the plant every few weeks in order to maintain its shape, as the Ficus Lyrata Bambino tends to grown where light is.

A few extra care tips:
– Find a good spot in your (living)room for the Ficus Lyrata Bambino and leave it there. By moving the plant too much it can get a shock and the plant will drop a few leaves.
– The plant doesn’t appreciate a draft. Especially in winter when it’s colder watch out for drafts and cold air.
– If you find there is much dust on the leaves, take a damp cloth a gently rub the leaves.

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