Monstera Adansonii ‘Monkey Mask’ – baby plant

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A cute little plant from the Monstera family, also called Monkey Mask, is a real must-have and cannot be missed in your urban jungle.

Pot size: 6 cm Ø

Between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Indirect sunlight.

Water once a week.

Re-pot every 12 months.

The external condition of the plant may vary from the image shown in this page. We bear no responsibility for plants changing colors and size depending on the season. The seasonal growth changes of the plants are not considered faults or deficiencies.


The Monstera Adansonii, better known as ‘Monkey Mask’, is one the most popular plants at this moment. And what could be more fun than seeing a small plant grow into an big full grown plant?! The Adansonii is a fast grower that you can enjoy for a long time.

The Monstera Adansonii is characterized by the beautiful green leaves with holes in the middle of the leaf. A very graceful plant to brighten up any space. You can easily keep this plant as a trailing plant. Place it in a nice pot on a cupboard, or place it in a nice macrame hanger! The stems will hang over the pot in no time. An other possibility is to let the Monstera Adansonii climb onto a moss pole. For example, do you have an empty wall that you would like to perk up? Let the plant grow against a nice rack and place it in a prominent place in your room. A real eye-catcher!

In terms of care, the Monstera Adansonii is fortunately an easy plant. Place the plant in a light spot in the room and give a nice splash of water once a week. Ensure that the soil does not dry out completely between watering. You can also spray the plant a little once a week.

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