Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue

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Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue is a rare aroid and highly sought after. As this plant originates from just one single island (Cebu Island in the Philippines) you don’t see this beautiful plant on the market very often. The leaves of Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue have a unique blue hue on them. Once the plant matures the shape of the leaves will change and get much more fenestration. To achieve this it’s recommended to give the Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue some sort of support on which the plant grow to. Epipremnum Pinnatum Cebu Blue is a perfect plant for every plant lover. It’s such an easy plant to grow!

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The external condition of the plant may vary from the image shown in this page. We bear no responsibility for plants changing colors and size depending on the season. The seasonal growth changes of the plants are not considered faults or deficiencies.

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13 cm ø


Indirect sunlight


Water once a week


Between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius


Re-pot every 12 months

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