Begonia Snowcap

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The Begonia Snowcap is a somewhat rarer Begonia. The plant has a lot of small white / silver dots on the leaf and can give beautiful bright pink flowers.

Pot size: 14 cm Ø

Between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Indirect sunlight.

Water once a week.

Re-pot every 12 months.

The external condition of the plant may vary from the image shown in this page. We bear no responsibility for plants changing colors and size depending on the season. The seasonal growth changes of the plants are not considered faults or deficiencies.


The Begonia Snowcap is really a beautiful and rare plant. Not only does this plant have the recognizable dots on the leaves, the Begonia Snowcap also blooms regularly. Bunches of bright pink flowers with yellow hearts then appear that also smell delicious!

Originally the Begonia comes from Central and South America, especially Mexico. There are a huge number of different Begonia with the most varied colors and patterns on the leaves. Begonia is usually a plant that is easy to care for and is not high demanding.
The Begonia Snowcap likes a little water. The soil can therefore remain slightly moist between the waterings. As with all plants, you must ensure that there is never too much water left in the pot. If you give the plant water once a week, this should suffice. Of course you can check the soil in between. In addition, the Begonia Snowcap likes to be in a place with lots of light, but make sure that there is no full sun on the leaves. This will not do the plant any good. Finally, it is important to keep the humidity a little higher. If the air is too dry, the leaves can dry out and shrivel up. To avoid this, you can spray the Begonia Snowcap every now and then.

Is the Begonia Snowcap getting a bit too big for you, or do you like to plant cuttings? This is excellent can be done with the Begonia Snowcap. Cut a piece off the plant that has a stalk and some leaves attached to it. You can remove the lower leaves from the cutting. Then you put it in the water, or directly in the ground. Over time, roots will develop and the cutting will continue to develop. How easy does that sound!

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