Hoya soil mixture

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In need of a soil mixture especially for your beloved Hoya? Then our Hoya soil mixture is just what you need. This mixture contains pine bark, perlite, cocos, clay pebbles and activated charcoal. The ideal mixture for your Hoya to grow and flower to its full potential. The mixture is very airy and light giving the roots much space to grow and minimizes the change of overwatering.

1 liter
2,5 liter

The external condition of the plant may vary from the image shown in this page. We bear no responsibility for plants changing colors and size depending on the season. The seasonal growth changes of the plants are not considered faults or deficiencies.


Most Hoya are epiphytic and grow onto other plants. Therefor Hoya need an airy and light weight soil mixture so that the roots have space to grow and water doesn’t stay in the pot for too long. Our Hoya soil mixture is just that and is ideal for your Hoya to grow and flower.

Want to give your Hoya all the best there is? A good fertilizer is a must have Plagron Alga Grow and Plagron Alga Bloom are a prefect choice if you prefer an all natural fertilizer. It can be used throughout the growing and flowering season of your Hoya. More detailed information about how to care for your Hoya can be found in our blog: The secret of successful Hoya care: Part 1 The basics.


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