Clay pebbles

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Earn 1-4 Plant Points by purchasing this product

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These clay pebbles are a 100% natural product for perfect moisture regulation. You can use clay pebbles in the bottom of your pot for good drainage or you can even pound them and stir into your soil mix. If you grow your plants without soil, clay pebbles are the perfect product for hydroponics.

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Clay pebbles (also know as clay balls or leca) are perfect for water retention and a good drainage. This medium can be used in a few different ways.

1. Clay pebbles with soil
We love clay pebbles as they can absorb a huge amount of water, making them perfect to use in combination with potting soil. Especially when you like to spread your plant love by watering your plants much (or a bit too much). The clay pebbles can absorb any acces water and thereby minimize the risk of root rot.

How do you use clay pebbles? That’s very easy.
When potting or re-potting your plant start by putting in a layer of clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot. Generally cover about 20% of the pot with clay pebbles. Then put a small layer of soil on top of the pebbles, put the plant in the pot and top off with enough soil so roots are covered.

2. Clay pebbles for hydroponics
Clay pebbles are probably the most used medium for hydroponics. It’s very easy re-potting your plant(s) into hydroponics.
When your plant is currently in soil get the plant out of its pot and wash off as many soil from the roots as you can. Cover the bottom of your pot with a few centimeters of clay pebbles before putting your plant in the pot. Once you’ve placed the plant in the pot fill up the rest of the pot with the clay pebbles just so that the roots are covered and the plant stands firmly in the pot. We do advise to use a special hydroponics water meter when potting your plants in hydroponics. This way you can easily see if your plant is in need of water.
Did you know clay pebbles can also be used to root your cuttings? Ideally put your cutting in a see-trough pot, so you can see the roots develop!

Good to know:
– Always rinse the clay pebbles before using them to wash of any dust.
– You can re-use clay pebbles time and time again, making it a very sustainable product!

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