Activated Charcoal

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Earn 3-19 Plant Points by purchasing this product
Earn 3-19 Plant Points by purchasing this product

Activated charcoal is a great natural product that purifies your soil from harmful substances and moulds. It’s a great product to add to your potting soil. Activated charcoal can be used with almost any kind of plant whether it’s an aroid or a flowering plant. If you’re into making enclosed terrarium activated charcoal is a must to add.

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Activated charcoal is a good addition to your soil mixture. This product has some great qualities that will help giving your beloved plants a healthy soil medium. The main advantage of activated charcoal is it’s possibilities to purify the soil from harmful substances and moulds. Thereby this natural product is able to absorb access water an nutrients to release it slowly.

What exactly is activated charcoal?
Charcoal that is ‘activated’ is processed under high temperatures. When heating the charcoal it changes the structure making it much more porous. During the process any impurities are removed leaving a perfect natural product to use for your plants. Activated charcoal can be made out of various different materials that are rich of carbon, for example wood or coconut shells.

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