Sustee Moisture Meter

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For a real house plant enthusiast questions like: When do I water my plants? How much water do I give my plants? or How often do I water my plants? are vital questions. As we love our plants so much we will do anything to keep them to thrive. Yet incorrect watering is the biggest cause of plants dying. So the question remains How do I make sure I water my beloved plant in the best way?
Luckily SUSTEE Moisture Meter is here to help you with your watering routine! A change in color tells you the right time to water your plant. Just stick it in the soil and leave it in the pot. No batteries needed!

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The external condition of the plant may vary from the image shown in this page. We bear no responsibility for plants changing colors and size depending on the season. The seasonal growth changes of the plants are not considered faults or deficiencies.


How does the SUSTEE works?
Incorrect watering is reported to be the cause of plant wilting 80 percent of the time. They wilter because they are not thoroughly watered. However, too much water leads to root rot more often than you would think. Finding the right balance can be very tricky.
Unlike any other moisture meter SUSTEE uses and pF indicator. A pF indicator indicates the available water capacity. This way the root’s ability to absorb water – or the plant’s “thirst” becomes visible. The high quality of SUSTEE prevents root rot caused by improper watering.

Did you know that SUSTEE is patented in Japan and ongoing research is done by Tokyo University of Agriculture and farmers to keep improving? Now that’s what we call dedication get the best out of our beloved house plants!

Which SUSTEE do I need for my plants?
There are three different sizes available and can be used according to the size/diameter of the pot.
SUSTEE size small = for pots of 8 cm and smaller
SUSTEE size medium = for pot between 9 and 17 cm
SUSTEE size large = for pots of 18 cm and bigger

All sizes come in two different colors; white and green, so you can easily chose the one that fits best in your interior.

How to use the SUSTEE?
1. Stick the SUSTEE into the soil, just in between the two marked arrows.
2. Water your plants as you would normally do. After about 20 to 30 minutes the indication will turn from white to blue.
3. Keep monitoring the SUSTEE indicator. Blue means that there is enough water in the soil. If the indicator is white again, its time to water your plant.

Can I use SUSTEE in any kind of growing medium?
Yes! SUSTEE can be used in all medium: organic soil, inorganic soil, hydroculture, bog moss/peat, peat moss, it is all possible. No matter the growing medium SUSTEE can help you monitor your plants and works the same for all types of medium.
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How often do I need the replace the water indicator?
The indication has a fairly long lifespan. Although it does depend on what kind of growing medium you use.
Organic soil = About 6 to 9 months
Inorganic soil = About 9 to 12 months
Hydroculture = About 1 to 2 years
Bog moss/bark = About 1 to 2 years
peat moss = About 1 year

By which plants can I use a SUStee?
You can use a SUStee with any type of plant, common plants, rare plants it’s all possible! SUStee is there to make your life just that little bit easier and your plants just a bit happier. If you have an extensive aroid collection, no problem! Are you a true Hoya Head? It’s all perfectly fine to use a SUStee! SUStee works well with any type of plants, for example Zamioculcas Raven, Anthurium Clarinervium, Hoya Carnosa Tricolor or Philodendron Billietiae.


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