Spring Leaf Protector

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For a strong resistance of your beloved house plants. Spring Insect Shield prevents leaf spots and leaf fungus on plants. Leaf Protector has an indirect efficiency as it will be absorbed by the roots of the plant initially before the protection can start. Enhances the immunity system and keeps diseases away.

Content: 500ml

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User instruction
Shake well before use.
Preventive use by spraying or pouring. Repeat if necessary after 4 weeks.
Dissolve 50 ml in 2,5 liters of water in case of pouring.
Dissolve 100 ml in 5 liters of water in case of spray application.

Do not use above 25 °C.

Spring Leaf Protector can be used in the pleasure garden, vegetable garden, in outdoor pots and on indoor plants, by means of bringing the remedy into the soil. When using this product in your veggie garden the taste of eatable plants will not change and they can be consumed as usual.

Consists of specific non-toxic concentrated herbal extracts, liquid. The concentrate contains plant and leaf strengthening herbs, which will stop the development and extension of e.g. Mildew, Rust and leaf spots (black spot).

Store in a dark and cool place. Do not use above 25 °C.


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