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Pure Zym is a soil improver based on natural enzymes. It promotes the accelerated breakdown of dead plant material. This causes additional nutrients that stimulate soil life to be released. Pure Zym also increases the ability to absorb oxygen.

Content: 500ml

The advantages of Pure Zym
  • Gives protection against the build-up of harmful salts.
  • Increases oxygen absorption capacity.
  • Rapid intake of nutrition for strong growth and flowering.

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Pure Zym – additive

Substrate enhancer

Accelerates nutrient absorption

Pure Zym is a soil improver based on natural enzymes. It ensures an accelerated  breakdown of dead plant parts, releasing extra nutrients that stimulate the above. Pure Zyme also increases the oxygen absorption capacity. Plagron Pure Zym is an excellent product to combine with Plagron Power Roots. While Power Roots stimulates new root growth, Pure Zym ensures the roots a good intake of fertilizer and oxygen. If you’re looking for a good quality fertilizer you can combine Pure Zym with Alga Grow & Alga Bloom and Terra Grow.

User instruction

Shake well before use. Add a maximum of 1 ml of Pure Zym to 1 liter of water (1:1000). Use this nutrient solution with every watering during the entire cultivation. Once you’ve made a Pure Zym spray mixture you can store it for a maximum of 48 hours before you needs to make a new batch.


Water, sorbitol, sugar, cellulase enzymes, beta-glucanase enzyme. Stabilized enzyme solution with declared activity: Cellulase 274 BPU/g and beta-glucanase 2 FBG/g. BE-EM031.A


Transport upright and store in a dark place. Storage temperature: 5 – 35 °C. Can be stored for a maximum of 48 hours after dissolving in water.

Allergy warning

This product contains cellulase, reaction mass of: CMIT-MIT (3:1). May cause an allergic reaction.


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