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Plagron Value Pack ‘nutrient intake booster’

Plagron Value Pack ‘nutrient intake booster’ consist of Plagron Power Roots and Plagron Pure Zym. It’s a perfect combination to use for all your house plants. Both are additives which you can combine with your fertilizer. Pure Zym has the ability to increase the absorption oxygen and nutrients, while Power Roots ensures the development of strong plants. Combining them gives an extra power shot to your plants!

Plagron Value Pack ‘rapid growth’

Who doesn’t want their beautiful plants to grow fast and into big plants? Plagron Value Pack ‘rapid growth’ is perfect for just that! This Value Pack combines Plagron Vita Race and Plagron Fish Force* for an optimal stimulation of chlorophyll for health and lush plants!


*Do note that Plagron Fish Force might smell a bit fishy, so always let you home ventilate when using this product.

Plagron Value Pack ‘algae fertilizer combo’

Plagron Value Pack ‘algae fertilizer combo’ is a perfect product if you have flowering plants like Hoya or Begonia. During the growth phase Plagron Alga Grow will give your plants the nutrients it needs to grow while Plagron Alga Bloom let your plants flower profusely. Both fertilizers are 100% natural, algae-based fertilizers specially made for plants growing in soil.


1 liter Plagron Alga Grow

500 ml Plagron Alga Bloom

Plagron Value Pack ‘soil additive’

Plagron Value Pack ‘soil additive’ combines two soil additives which work great together. Plagron Mega Worm is a natural soil improver while Plagron Bat Guano is the most balanced fertilizer that nature has to offer, promoting the development of roots and soil life. Combining these two products will give your plants a good start after repotting.

Plant Care Value Pack ‘100% natural’

Looking for a great gift for your best friend, sibling, or perhaps for your lover? Or perhaps you just need some plant care products? This Plant Care value pack ‘100% natural’ is the perfect choice when: you only want your plants to be in the best soil possible, you prefer a natural fertilizer, never want to over- or underwater your plant again, you need to do some minor pruning every now and then and you want to keep bugs away.

The Plant Care value pack ‘100% natural’ contains:

  • Deluxe Aroid soil mixture 2,5 liter
  • Plagron Alga Grow 1 liter
  • SUStee moisture meter – medium green
  • Mini leaf pruner
  • Spring Insect Shield 500 ml

Philodendron ‘heart shaped’ Value Bundle

Do you love Philodendron? And especially those beautiful heart shaped leaves? In that case this Philodendron ‘heart shaped’ Value Bundle is the perfect choice for you! Get 4 gorgeous Philodendron with heart shaped leaves for a special discounted price. With a Value Bundle you’ll upgrade your indoor jungle in no time.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Philodendron Micans
  • 1 x Philodendorn Micans Lemon Lime
  • 1 x Philodendron Scandens
  • 1 x Philodendron Scandens Brasil

Pot size: 10/12 cm

Hoya Value Bundle

For all the Hoya Heads out there this Hoya Value Pack is an essential! It combines 4 beautiful and somewhat rare Hoya varieties for a special discounted price. Get your Hoya collections started, or extended with this Value Pack!

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Hoya Wayetii Variegata
  • 1 x Hoya Australis Lisa
  • 1 x Hoya Parasitica ‘Black Margin’
  • 1 x Hoya Wayetii

Pot size: 12 cm

Alocasia Value Bundle

Alocasia are very popular house plants and for good reasons. They have beautiful thick and textured leaves and can grow into lush plants when given the right care. With this Alocasia Value Bundle you’ll receive 3 beautiful and cool varieties to start or extend your indoor jungle the right way.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Alocasia Pink Dragon
  • 1 x Alocasia Black Velvet
  • 1 x Alocasia Yucatan Princess

Pot size: 14

Begonia Value Bundle

For anyone who loves some dramatic foliage on their plants, Begonia are a prefect choice. There are so many varieties, but no matter which one you pick your guaranteed some cool foliage. To kickstart, or extend your Begonia collection this Begonia Value Pack is a great solution. It combines two nice sized plants and one cute plug plant! You’ll get 3 gorgeous Begonia for a special discounted price. With a Value Bundle you’ll upgrade your indoor jungle in no time.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Begonia Ferox
  • 1 x Begonia Benigo Pink
  • 1 x Begonia Amphioxus – plug

Pot size: 13 cm

Scindapsus Value Bundle

Dark green leaves with silver foliage, who doesn’t love that? Scindapsus come in many different varieties, but all have those beautiful silver patterns on the leaves. The amount of silver depends on the variety, making it a highly collectable species. You just got to have them all! Luckily Scindapsus are very easy going plants and do well in any kind of indoor jungle environment. You can never go wrong with Scindapsus! To kickstart your Scindapsus collection this Scindapsus Value Bundle is a great solution. You’ll get 3 plants for a special discounted price.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Scindapsus Trebie
  • 1 x Scindapsus Silvery Ann
  • 1 x Scindapsus Pictus

Pot size: 11/12 cm