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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my address after completing the order?

After your have finished your order we can only change the shipped address up to a certain point. Changing the address is only possible before we have processed your order*. At that stage we have not yet informed the nursery and shipping company. Changing your address in not a problem in that case.
Once we have processed your order or if your package has already been shipped out, making changes in the shipping address is no longer possible. The risks of changing an address are far too great. We apologies for the inconvenience.

If we notice an error in your address, or if we have doubts we will of course contact your before we process your order. As you could understand this might cause a little delay.

*If you want or need to change the shipping address please e-mail us directly after you have finalized your order in our shop. You can e-mail us on Please provide all the correct information, including your order number, at once to avoid delays. We bear no responsibilities for sort of delay or damage caused by an incorrect addresses being filled out at the check out.

Do I get the plant from the photo?

The photos shown in the shop are only as example. Of course we try our best to have accurate photos available. However the external condition of the plant may vary from the image shown in this page. We bear no responsibility for plants changing colors and size depending on the season. The seasonal growth changes of the plants are not considered faults or deficiencies.

Is a heat pack included?

A heat pack is not included in your package. For the winter time we advise you to look carefully at your local temperatures. When temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius it is not recommended to order a plant. Due to the temperatures the plant can get damaged or shocked. Of course you plant can bounce back from this, but it’s not the best start you can give your plant. When temperatures are low in your area we advise waiting for a bit, when temperature are better again. We bear no responsibility for plants that have suffered from cold damage during transit.

How can I place an order?

Ordering a plant in our webshop is very easy!

Did you find the perfect plant for your home? Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. This plant will then be automatically be transferred to your cart. You can continue to shop for other plants after and repeat this. When you’re finished shopping click on the ‘Purchase’ button. Now you can fill out all your shipping details and complete the payment. The only thing left to do is wait in full excitement on your plant!

Can I order a plant for someone else?

Of course you can gift a plant! Plants make the greatest gifts for anyone and for every occasion a plant is an appropriate gift!

During the order process you can fill out the address details of your friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparents etc. The package will be shipped directly to the person you would like to surprise. It’s just as simple as that!

Can I visit your office to pick out a plant?

We don’t have a physical shop of visiting address. Therefore it is unfortunately not possible to come over for a shopping trip. All plants in our shop are shipped fresh from the nurseries. They will pick out only the most beautiful plant for you!

I’ve received a wrong product, what can I do?

All order are collected with great care, unfortunately a little mistake can always happen. If you’ve received a wrong product (plant or pot) please send an email to: within 48 hours after receiving you order. Be sure to send us photos of the plant, the packing slip and the box. Once we’ve verified that you’ve received a wrong product, the correct one will be shipped to you.

Is there any warranty on my plant(s)?

All plants are packed with the greatest care possible. Shipping plants is always a little risky and therefore a little wear and tear on the plant can’t be avoided completely. Of course we want everyone to be happy with the plant that has just been delivered. If you have any damage on the plant that you’ve just received please email us directly with the following information: photo’s of the damaged plant, packing slip and box. According to the kind of damage we can find a suitable solution*. Emails can be send to: The kind of damage will be categorized as: heavily damaged or slightly damaged. With the photos you show us we, together with the nursery, will decide the kind of damage and offer an appropriate solution. This decision is made exclusively by us and the nursery.

Also send us an email when the plant you just received doesn’t meet the quality instruction provided on the product page (pot size and height). If there is a significant deviation we’ll find a suitable solution with you. (Significant deviation is: plants smaller than 80 cm deviation bigger than 10 cm, plants taller than 80 cm a deviation of 15 cm or bigger. The height is always measured from the bottom the the pot to the highest leaf.)

If you have problems with pests on your plant please also contact us directly on: and provide us with some photo and/or video material. We will evaluated the situation and offer a suitable compensation.

Please contact us as soon as possible when (you think) something is wrong with the plant you’ve received. The sooner you inform us, the sooner we can get to a solution. All claims must be made in a written form by email, no later than 14 days after the first delivery attempt. The first delivery attempt is the first moment the transit company will be at your house to deliver the product. If you’re not at home and a second attempt is made, or your package will go to a parcel shop to be picked this will give you less days to make a claim. Again counting starts at the day of the first delivery attempt. This day is always visible in the tracking information of the package. If a claim is made later than 14 days no compensation is possible anymore.

*Only damage that has occurred during shipping can be eligible for any sort of compensation. Any damaged that has been done by its new owner can never be a part of any compensation. We therefore recommend to leave the plant as it is, don’t touch it further before we’ve given a solution. If a plant has been cut, repotted or dealt with otherwise you loose any right of compensation.

Can I pick up my order?

All our plant are shipped directly from different nurseries around The Netherlands. Therefore it is not possible to pick up you order at our office.

When do you add new plants?

Availability of plants depends on the season and on the stock at the nurseries we work with. Therefore it might not be possible to have all plants available at all times. Of course we do our best to keep stock as high as possible. New plants are introduced often by the nurseries. We aim to add new plants to the shop every week. This can be very exclusive and rare plants, but also more common house plant that cannot be missed in a green interior. For stock updates we advise everyone to follow our Instagram or Facebook account and/or sign up to our newsletter.

The plant I have on my wishlist is not available, when will you restock it?

We try to have as many plants in stock at all times. Our stock depends largely on the availability at the nurseries. Some plants may take a little bit longer to grow at the nursery than other plants. Or some might just a bit more rare than other plants. Therefore we can’t give you an exact date on when you wishlist plant will be back in stock again. We advise you to sign up for the ‘waiting list’ on the product page. Once we do restock the plant you’ll automatically receive a notification by email.