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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not happy with the plant I received, what can I do?

Our partnering nurseries will do their absolute best to pick out the most beautiful and healthy plant(s) for you. On our website we show good and representative photos of the plant that you’ll receive. On each product page extra information on pot size and height of the plant is given. We and our partnering nurseries do our very best to keep this information up to date.

Of course plants are a product of nature and not one single plant is ever the same. If you feel like your plant doesn’t meet the given information (different pot size or height for example) please contact us directly after receiving your plant*. With your email send us some good photos and/or videos, the packing slip and a photo of the box. We will do the best we can to find a suitable solution.

*Claims have to be made in a written form by email, no later than 14 days after the first delivery attempt.



Can I return my order after receiving?

It is not possible to return or recall any of the plants we offer in the shop, due to the nature of these products. Plants are perishable products and are by law excluded from the statutory reflection period of 14 days. Plants cannot be returned as it can not be guaranteed that the new owner has been taken care of the plants properly. Please be aware of the fact that shipping can’t be insured.

All plants we have on offer in our shop are grown in good and respectable nurseries within The Netherlands, or in some cases elsewhere in Europe. Before shipping out your plant the nurseries will check the condition of the plant. If a plant doesn’t meet our standards it will not be shipped to you.

If you feel like there is anything wrong with the plant(s) you’ve received please always reach out to us as soon as you’ve received the plant*. We’re more than happy to give you advice and look at a suitable solution. You can reach us at: Please don’t forget to include some photos and/or videos, your packing slip and a photo of the box so we can map out the situation the best way we can.

When you’ve purchased non-plant products, like soil products or other accessories you do have the possibility to return products. Again, let us know via email so we can send you the return instructions. Returning these products are always at your own costs. The product that you’re returning has to be in its original shape and cannot be damaged or used. When a return shipment has arrived and all is ok, your refund will be processed within 5 workdays. If any of the returned products are damage or used by the buyer the right of refund will end.

*Claims have to be made in a written form by email, no later than 14 days after the first delivery attempt.

Is there any warranty on my plant(s)?

All plants are packed with the greatest care possible. Shipping plants is always a little risky and therefore a little wear and tear on the plant can’t be avoided completely. Of course we want everyone to be happy with the plant that has just been delivered. If you have any damage on the plant that you’ve just received please email us directly with the following information: photo’s of the damaged plant, packing slip and box. According to the kind of damage we can find a suitable solution*. Emails can be send to: The kind of damage will be categorized as: heavily damaged or slightly damaged. With the photos you show us we, together with the nursery, will decide the kind of damage and offer an appropriate solution. This decision is made exclusively by us and the nursery.

Also send us an email when the plant you just received doesn’t meet the quality instruction provided on the product page (pot size and height). If there is a significant deviation we’ll find a suitable solution with you. (Significant deviation is: plants smaller than 80 cm deviation bigger than 10 cm, plants taller than 80 cm a deviation of 15 cm or bigger. The height is always measured from the bottom the the pot to the highest leaf.)

If you have problems with pests on your plant please also contact us directly on: and provide us with some photo and/or video material. We will evaluated the situation and offer a suitable compensation.

Please contact us as soon as possible when (you think) something is wrong with the plant you’ve received. The sooner you inform us, the sooner we can get to a solution. All claims must be made in a written form by email, no later than 14 days after the first delivery attempt. The first delivery attempt is the first moment the transit company will be at your house to deliver the product. If you’re not at home and a second attempt is made, or your package will go to a parcel shop to be picked this will give you less days to make a claim. Again counting starts at the day of the first delivery attempt. This day is always visible in the tracking information of the package. If a claim is made later than 14 days no compensation is possible anymore.

*Only damage that has occurred during shipping can be eligible for any sort of compensation. Any damaged that has been done by its new owner can never be a part of any compensation. We therefore recommend to leave the plant as it is, don’t touch it further before we’ve given a solution. If a plant has been cut, repotted or dealt with otherwise you loose any right of compensation.