How are the plants shipped?

The Netherlands & Belgium 

Our cuttings and plants are shipped via PostNL’s parcel post. The shipping method depends on the size of the plant. In the shopping cart, before you make your order, you can see how the plants are shipped.

Other countries

Until the Dutch border the plants will be transported by PostNL. From the moment the plants leave the county they will be handed over to a local postal service.

What are the shipping costs?

Netherlands: Packages by mailbox costs € 3,90 and is only possible for small cuttings or in some cases for baby plants. Is your plant a bit bigger? Then it will be send in a package. Costs for this are € 5,95. With both shipping methods you’ll receive a track&trace code so you can track your order. Orders from € 50,00 and above have free shipping.

Belgium and Germany: Shipping costs are € 9,95. Order from € 75,00 and above have free shipping.

Luxembourg & United Kingdom: Shipping costs are €12,95. Orders from € 85,00 and above have free shipping.

France, Denmark, Austria & Spain: Shipping costs are €14,95. Orders from € 100,00 and above have free shipping.

Portugal, Czech Republic, Ireland, Hungary & Sweden: Shipping costs are €19,95. Orders from € 125,00 and above have free shipping.

Poland: Shipping costs are € 22,95. Orders from €200,00 and above have free shipping.

When can I expect my plant(s)?

The Netherlands: When ordering you can choose you preferred delivery date. You can also chose (with a surcharge) for an evening delivery. Thereby you’ll also have the opportunity for the package to be send to a Pick-up point. On your chosen delivery date you can collect your plants there from 15.00 hrs in the afternoon. Will your purchase be send in a mailbox? In this case we’ll send this out as soon as possible, most likely between 1 and 3 work days after your order has been received.

Belgium: Do you live in Belgium? Then you can also chose your preferred delivery date. Normally the shipping time to Belgium is 1 or 2 work days.

Other countries: The packages to all other countries will be send out on Monday to lower the risk for the plants to get stuck in a warehouse. The delivery time can varied by country:

  • Luxembourg: 1 to 2 work days
  • Germany: 2 to 3 work days
  • France: 2 to 3 work days
  • United Kingdom: 2 to 3 workdays
  • Austria: 2 to 3 work days
  • Denmark: 2 to 3 work days
  • Sweden: 2 to 4 work days
  • Ireland: 3 to 4 work days
  • Poland: 3 to 4 work days
  • Spain: 3 to 5 work days
  • Portugal: 3 to 5 work days
  • Hungary: 3 to 5 work days
  • Czech Republic: 3 to 5 work days
Can I chose my preferred delivery date and time?

You can chose for the package to be delivered at your home address. In this case you can see in which time frame the mail deliverer will be at your door. You can also make a note upon your order, if you want your package to be delivered at your neighbors or not when you’re not at home.
Can I chose a certain delivery time? In this case please chose to collect your package at a PostNL-Pickup point close by. You can collect your package there from 15.00 hrs.

Can I also collect my order at your office?

Yes, you can come to us in Zwijndrecht to collect your order. During your order please chose the option “Collect”. Once you placed your order we’ll contact you to make an arrangement for you to pick up your order. It’s important to collect your order within 14 days, so we can guarantee the quality of the plant(s).

What will happen to my package when I'm not at home?

Are you unexpectedly not at home when your package is delivered? No worries. The deliverer will always try to deliver the package at your neighbors (if you haven’t made a note that this is not desired). If the deliverer can’t deliver your package at your neighbors, then it will be send to the nearest PostNL Pickup point. The package will be held for a maximum of 7 days before it will be returned to our shop.

On which days do you ship?

The Netherlands: Our regular shipping days are from Monday until Friday.

Belgium en Luxembourg: We’ll ship on Monday until Thursday.

Other countries: All packages to other countries will be shipped on Monday. This way we minimize the risk for the plants to get stuck in a warehouse over the weekend.

Are the plants shipped safely?

We do our utmost to pack your plants as well as possible in order to prevent damage. The plants sit in a sturdy box, with stuffing material if necessary. The package boxes are also provided with a ‘ fragile ‘ sticker.

Do you ship under any circumstances?

We ship our plants all year round. Only with extreme warmth or cold it’s possible that we have to postpone the shipment. Many plants do not tolerate these weather conditions and that would be a shame. Of course you will get message as soon as possible if these circumstances are reached.

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