What are Plant Points?

Plant Points is our way to thank you as our loyal customer! By the orders you place and other activities you can earn points which you can redeem for discounts on your next order.

How do I earn Plant Points?

With every order you’ll earn Plant Points. With every Euro you spend you’ll receive Plant Points. Example: If you place an order from €25,00 you’ll receive 25 Plant Points.

What is the value?

Every Plant Point has a value of € 2,5 eurocents. This means that if you have 100 points for example, you’ve earned a €2,50 discount.

Can I earn extra Plant Points?

Yes you can! You can earn many extra Plant Points!

Registration: Do you become a customer? You’ll immediately receive 50 Plant Points.

Reviews: When you write a review on the website for a product you’ve bought you’ll receive 10 Plant Points.

Total spend: The more products you order, the more Plant Points you can earn.
Have you spend €100 or more? Then you’ll receive 50 extra Plant Points.
Have you spend €250 or more? Then you’ll receive 125 extra Plant Points.
Have you spend €500 or more? Then you’ll receive 250 extra Plant Points.
All your orders will be added up together. So you don’t need to place one big order.

How can I redeem them?

On the check-out page there is an option to redeem your Plant Points. This will also immediately show how much discount you have.

For how long are they valid?

The Plant Points are valid for a year after you’ve earned them. One month before they expire we’ll send you a reminder with your current balance. If you chose not to redeem the points, they will expire at the given time.

Are the Plant Points transferable?

The points are personal and only valid for your account and actions. Therefor they are not transferable. The Plant Points can’t be redeemed by ordering a gift voucher.